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I'm running to represent you and be your voice for tax simplification, lower taxes and delivery of efficient government services on the State Board of Equalization.

This campaign is about common sense solutions to benefit hardworking taxpayers not spendthrift politicians. It's time to bring a low-tax majority to the Board. I'm running to be that third vote in favor of honest, hardworking taxpayers.

Please join this effort. People need to keep more of their hard-earned money if California is to be golden again.

Let's grow our economy and make new taxpayers, so we have the revenue to support the services we need and stop going into debt.

Let's eliminate the "drag" of high taxes and burdensome regulations and make it possible for hardworking Californians to get ahead by their own efforts.

I ask for your vote on November 4th.

G. Rick Marshall
Candidate for State Board of Equalization, District 3

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    Why are You Running for the State Board of Equalization?

    California State FlagWe're overtaxed in California. We have the highest income tax and the 4th highest sales tax. The average Californian pays $9,509 a year in taxes. 

    California’s lowest-income families pay the most in taxes, when measured as a share of family income. They are hardest hit by property and sales tax, which the State Board of Equalization administers and collects.

    Have you ever noticed the red star on our state flag? It represents the Lone Star State—Texas. Even in 1849, Californians were looking to Texas. So let's compare California to Texas. 

    "Taxes in California are 65% higher than Texas, yet we only collect 25% more and our population of 38 million exceeds their 26 million by more than 40%. The two states spend roughly the same in total government spending. Yet Texas provides far better public services.

    Texas grows faster, employs more people and attracts more residents. It has better roads, better fire protection, better police protection, better schools, better hospitals and better prisons with less poverty and less need for welfare."

    These are not my words. They are taken from an extensive study documented in the book An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of States by Stephen Moore and Arthur Laffler, page xxii. What is unmentioned is that California leads the nation in the number of its citizens living in poverty.

    Why is that? The answer is simple: high taxes and voluminous regulations.

    We need to simplify our tax system and reduce the tax burdens on hardworking wage-earning middle-class families and businesses. 

    I'm running to be the third vote of a low-tax majority on the Board. Changing the makeup of the Board will begin the change we need to lower taxes and remove unnecessary regulations that damage our economy, diminish our standard of living and keep citizens from succeeding.

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